What do we offer?

Since 1974 we have been transporting chemical products (TECNIRUTA) and food products (CONCISA) by road, rail, sea or any combination thereof in tank containers, which have the advantage of multimodality or the combination of different means of transport within the same container without handling the product.

After a study of your needs and focusing on the specific product, we offer the best possible means of transport and the design of a tailor-made container, which will be built if this solution is fully satisfactory, and we do not have such a container in our fleet. The choice will be determined by the hazardousness of the product and the minimization of risks.

The versatility of our units allows multimodal transport to meet peak demands better than other modes of transport.

Your products will be under constant control of our team of professionals who will coordinate the door-to-door transport and will be informed of the status of your products, allowing us to guarantee the delivery times previously established.

Our drivers are monitored by geolocation as well as by a reporting system in case of deviations such as speeding, sudden braking, etc.

We guarantee maximum training of our specialized drivers and operational staff in the processes of loading, unloading, transport, contingencies, etc.

The price of the transport includes the insurance of the goods. Your goods travel safely.

We comply with international standards in terms of the necessary certifications, passing strict technical controls.

We include the value of excise duties.

Insurance of goods
Excise duties

Additional services

We load and unload foodstuff (sugar) or PET (polymers) in 20′ and 30′ BOX containers with rotary valve.

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